A.B.S. flex containers can be found, where bulk goods have to be stored quickly, efficiently and reliably.

This includes the plastics and recycling industry, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food, feed and confectionery sectors.

As an international manufacturer, A.B.S. has installed over 50,000 silos across the world.

Natural products such as grain and animal feed have very special requirements which are fulfilled by our breathable yet dust-proof silos with a particularly high level of reliability. No condensate occurs even on the tried and tested outdoor silos, effectively preventing the formation of mould.

A.B.S. silos (also known as Trevira silos or KoSa silos) are the guarantee for best possible feed quality and healthy livestock. Place your trust in us!
With over 80 standard sizes, A.B.S. is one of the front runners among the most innovative companies. We are convinced that we can help you to find the right storage silo for your application.

At A.B.S. all Silos come with an integrated cover extension

Each A.B.S. silo with lid is automatically supplied with a free lid extension which allows the space in the upper support frame to be used.

And because our flexible silos are made of extremely strong and durable DURAFIBER thread, there are already A.B.S. silos on the market with a service life of several decades – so you can plan for the future.

Our flexible and high-strength fabric silos guarantee best possible storage conditions and a healthy livestock.





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