Please have a look at this drone recorded video showing our cyclone system for Sonae, one of the largest wood-based panel producers in the world.

This project, promoted by EDP – Comercial in the scope of an integrated energy efficiency plan, with the collaboration of CCEnergia, was about thermal energy recovery at Mangualde‘s manufacturing plant by reducing fly ash particulate at high temperature after a wood waste thermal oil heater.

This resulted in a considerable efficiency increase for the plant.

Our largest project so far has become our biggest success story!

Hurricane® cyclone system installed downstream of an existing multicyclone to capture fine fly ash particulate (burnt and unburnt), thereby enabling the use of wood waste fired thermal oil heater.






ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems Videos
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1. ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems:
Institutional Video

2. ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems:
Hurricane System – High Efficiency Cyclones

3. ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems:
Hurricane and ReCyclone Systems – 3D

4. ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems:
Hurricane High Efficiency Cyclone System at
Sonae Wood Panel Board Plant in Mangualde, Portugal

5. ACS Advanced Cyclone Systems:
ReCyclone MH System