Van Dyk Recycling Solutions ( uses Allgaier Process Technology‘s densimetric tables in processing municipal solid waste (MSW).

The application shown here processes 18 tons of MSW per hour resulting in 15 tons per hour of clean compost and 3 tons per hour of clean inerts (glass, stone, and metals).

Allgaier Process Technology’s GOSAG densimetric tables deliver superior separation results in separation applications of dry materials with different specific densities.

We have now partnered with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions to deliver our densimetric table technology in a specialized compost recycling application.


Dry densimetric separation is achieved on an inclined treatment base with vibratory motion. A flow of rising air crosses this base and has two effects on the material to be treated. Less dense products float without touching the table and slide toward the lower end of the machine as a result of the incline. More dense products contact the table and are pushed towards the top end due to the vibration. The greater the difference in density of the products, the greater the grain size bands that can be treated.