Allgaier Process Technology, Inc. is the North American sales and service entity for Allgaier-Group’s Process Technology division.

Allgaier Process Technology, Inc. supplies machines and systems for industrial washing, drying, cooling, screening and sorting to clients in the North American region.

With offices in Utah and Ohio, we are well-positioned to provide national sales and after-market support. The technology solutions include all products from the European companies: Allgaier Process Technology GmbH, Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG, Fredrik Mogensen AB as well as Allgaier Mogensen, S.A.U.








Allgaier Process Technology Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Allgaier Process Technology: Image Video

2. Allgaier Process Technology: Drying Technology – Drum Dryers/Coolers

3. Allgaier Process Technology: Screening Technology – Tumbler Screening Machines TMS/tsi

4. Allgaier Process Technology: Granulation and Drying of Thixotropic Filter Cake

5. Allgaier Process Technology: The Biggest Allgaier Rotary Drum Dryer



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