Loading and palletising as one operation – this is the proven BEUMER autopac® 3000. Open trucks are automatically loaded with bags directly from the packer onto the loading layers at an hourly capacity of 3.000 bags.

For more than 40 years, BEUMER Group has designed and developed innovative palletising technology for various products. Whether for the building materials, cement, chemical or food and animal feed industries – BEUMER palletisers feature first-class stack quality and high reliability.

We provide the perfect solution for loading and unloading any vehicle, from trucks to railway cars to ships. At the centre is the actual loading machine. From there, we design, manufacture and install entire loading systems, tailor-made to your requirements and the products to be conveyed.

Our loading technology provides economic efficiency, easy operation and high capacity. We have pioneered in this field for decades. Our loading technology portfolio includes:

  • systems for loading loose or bagged bulk material into trucks, waggons, and ships
  • unloading machines
  • automatic bag loading machines for trucks and containers






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