Our highly qualified staff focuses on our customers’ material handling system and operational flow during all operating hours.

To give our customers all the benefits from highly qualified staff, BEUMER Group maintenance managers, engineers and mechanics are subject to regular assessments of training needs. As a consequence, targeted trainings and case-based practical instructions for each individual operating staff are continuously performed.

At a glance:

Operative and technical system support by:

  • skilled specialists
  • flexible shift plans
  • minimum number of staff available in case of illness and vacation times
  • demand-oriented support by potential suppliers of components
  • optimal support by our regional Customer Support
  • integration of a service team on site
We build customer support programs that are truly anchored in your specic organisation. We achieve that by under- standing your operation, emphasising with your concerns, and gaining a clear insight into the consequences of system downtime. Whether it is the solutions we create or the businesses we support, one size denitely does not t all. While our systems are used in a wide variety of industries, a common characteristic is the mission-critical nature of our technology for your business and reputation. That’s why we count downtime in seconds and minutes – not hours. We understand that your business has to operate in a com- petitive environment where the slightest disruption can send far-reaching and damaging consequences along the supply chain.







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