Revolutionary gemstone sorting system by Binder+Co.

Binder+Co is specialist in the sensor-based sorting of transparent and non-transparent bulk materials.

The MINEXX sorting-system, using a broad range of latest state of the art sensors, is capable of sorting the most varied materials with or without visual differences.

Binder+Co is the world market leader in sensor-based processing of cullet.

We first concentrated on the optical sorting of waste glass as early as 1989 and have been exploring it ever since.

In 1998, we launched the first three-way system in the market, thus revolutionising the recycling of secondary raw materials.

In 2010 Binder+Co won the Austrian State Prize for Innovation for its sensor-based sorting of glass ceramics. Since 2014, we have been able to sort glass even in the smallest sizes from 1mm onwards.

Glass is a unique valuable substance and basic material which can be recycled endless times without any loss in quality.

Cullet from waste glass is an indispensable component in the manufacture of new glass. Using 100% cullet from waste glass in the glass manufacturing process will account for energy savings of up to 30% in comparison to the use of primary raw materials.

In order for glass to become a high-value secondary raw material, it must be freed from any impurities and sorted according to colour.




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