Our systems for feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering of bulk ingredients can be used for a huge variety of industrial processes. For example in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, detergent, ceramics, glass or construction material industries as well as in numerous other industries.

We offer gravimetric feeders including loss-in-weight feeders and weigh-belt feeders as well as volumetric feeders. Weigh-batching systems and a variety of discharge aids complete our product line.

Gravimetric feederfrom Brabender Technologie comprise high-tech loss-in-weight feeders and weigh-belt feeders. Especially the comprehensive product line of loss-in-weight scales with different feed devices such as single or twin screw feeders, vibrating tray feeders, vibratory mass flow feeders and others offers solutions for the complete range of bulk ingredients from powders to coarse-grained ingredients and from fibers to flakes. All loss-in-weight feeders are characterized by a reliable bulk ingredient flow and high metering accuracy thanks to sophisticated agitation systems such as paddle-massaged flexible hoppers and stirring agitators. Our program is completed by the robust weigh-belt feeders, which provide high feed rates but compact dimensions. Volumetric feeders are used when the metering requirements are less demanding.
For these cases all loss-in-weight feeders with screw feeders are available as volumetric feeders without weighing systems and microcomputer controllers. Volumetric feeders are controlled by special frequency converters providing for constant speed and a high volumetric metering constancy.