Brabender Technologie: Continuous or batch?
Feeding processes in comparison

Brabender Technologie is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of gravimetric and volumetric feed and discharge devices. Our metering, weighing and discharging equipment is installed globally throughout a diverse group of industries for batch and continuous processes.

Brabender has over 60 years of experience in bulk material handling in a wide range of industries. We have acquired extensive expertise in our core markets such as plastic, food and pharmaceutical. In addition, Brabender Technologie solutions have successfully been implemented in a variety of industries including animal feed, detergents, glass, and construction materials. If there is a continuous process that requires accuracy you can expect a Brabender feeder to be installed.    


Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co. KG

Brabender Technologie Videos
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1. Brabender Technologie:
Continuous or batch? 

Feeding processes in comparison

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