How is a feeder actually built? Insights into the production at Brabender Technologie.

Video Description:

All components are in stock in the storage tower

Each feeder has its own set of tools.

Assembly is performed on a lift table.

Installation of the load cell.

Installation of the flexible fopper.

Installation of the spiral feed screw.

Once assembled, the feeder is wheeled over to be wired and tested.

Work is inspected and documented.

Motor wiring.

The control system and frequency converter are installed and wired.

Functional testing of the electrical components is done.

Operation parameters are set.

Feeder calibration and operation are completed and verified.

Brabender FlexWall®Plus Loss-in-Weight Feeder

  • Universal loss-in-weight feeder for virtually all flowable ingredients (powders, pellets, flakes, fibers, etc.)
  • Flexible polyurethane hopper agitated by amplitude adjustable paddles for consistent screw filling and mass flow of ingredient without degradation
  • Compact trapezoidal shape allowing up to 6 feeders to be compactly arranged around a central feed point
  • Interchangeable screws and screw tubes allowing quick adjustment to changing ingredients and feed rates
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Optional hinged motor for easy screw removal from the rear
  • Optional separate paddle motor to allow paddle speed adjustment for difficult flowing ingredients
  • High-tech weighing system with digital load cell DigiMASS-2 or high resolution strain gauge load cell for high weighing accuracy

Our systems for feeding, weighing, discharging and flow metering of bulk ingredients and fluids can be used for a huge variety of industrial processes. For example in the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pet food, detergent, ceramics, glass or construction material industries as well as in numerous other industries. We offer gravimetric feeders including loss-in-weight feeders and weigh-belt feeders as well as volumetric feeders. Weigh-batching systems and a variety of discharge aids complete our product line. 


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