Cablevey® Conveyors is a leading world-wide tubular drag conveyor manufacturer based in Oskaloosa, Iowa. For 50 years, we’ve designed, engineered, and serviced enclosed cable and disc tube conveyors in over 65 countries.

Cablevey tubular drag conveyor systems are designed to move materials in a safe, clean and efficient manner. Our cable and tube conveyors are ideal for moving materials and product blends in a dust and contamination-free environment. Our systems are ideal for conveying delicate, and specialty bulk materials through all phases of the production process through to packaging.

Cablevey has built a test facility to test your valuable materials. This can be done in person or virtually with our product testing manager. Our goal is to determine the ideal approach to improve fluidity without material breakage. There are four test systems of varying sizes where your materials can be conveyed horizontally, vertically, in stainless steel, and also clear tubing.





Cablevey® Conveyors Videos
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Cablevey® Conveyors Cleaning Processes

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Cablevey® Conveyors Tech Center

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8 inch Whole Bean Roasted Coffee 

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Cablevey® Conveyors Side by Side frozen Foods 


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