DMN demonstration video of RID (Rotor Interference Detection) system. The DMN-WESTINHOUSE RID system is desgined to raise a signal / alarm to notify production staff that there is a potentual problem within the bulk solids handling system.




DMN-WESTINGHOUSE Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE: Built to last

2. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE HP200 High Pressure Valve

3. DMN WESTINGHOUSE Rotary valves and diverter valve

4. DMN WESTINGHOUSE guide open close MZC rotary valve

5. DMN WESTINGHOUSE Rotary Valve Maintenance

6. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE rotary airlock valve and diverter valve in CIP cycle

7. DMN WESTINGHOUSE MZC Rotary Valve RID Valve Sensor

8. DMN WESTINGHOUSE Quick Clean MZC Rotary Airlock









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