To connect the El Limón gold ore pit with the processing plant it was necessary to overcome an altitude difference of approx. 400m in steep terrain. Minera Media Luna, S.A. de C.V. (MML), 100% owned subsidiary of Torex Gold Resources Inc., opted for the RopeCon® as a means of transport.

Along with other aspects, safety and environment were key considerations in prompting the decision.

The system transports 1,000 metric tons of gold ore per hour into the valley over a distance of 1.3km.





Doppelmayr Transport Technology Videos
shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
RPC “El Limon-Guajes”, Mexico (2016)

2. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
RPC “Tufentobel” St.Gallen, Switzerland (2016)

3. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
Mt. Olyphant RopeCon®