Since the year 2005, a Doppelmayr RopeCon® system has been transporting inert material along a long-stretched valley at the Tüfentobel landfill site in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which will eventually be backfilled.

Relocating the discharge point of Tüfentobel RopeCon® in various stages was part of the overall project plan from the very beginning. The belt is being extended in several stages.

Finally in March 2016, a novel concept was implemented which has further increased the flexibility of RopeCon®.

A second RopeCon® was finally installed directly into the track rope support structure of the original system, which now discharges the material onto the new conveyor approx. 20m above ground.

The new RopeCon® system can operate in both directions. This allows for two different discharge points which can be fed alternately.




Doppelmayr Transport Technology Videos
shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
RPC “El Limon-Guajes”, Mexico (2016)

2. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
RPC “Tufentobel” St.Gallen, Switzerland (2016)

3. Doppelmayr Transport Technology:
Mt. Olyphant RopeCon®