We offer conventional conveyor systems of simple or complex profile to high capacities and high lifts.

Our overland conveyor projects have featured intermediate “booster” drives of the fixed tripper type as well as the belt on belt type. These have been effective in achieving great transport lengths with belts of only modest strength. “Booster” drives also allow us to control belt tension facilitating horizontal curves with minimal belt wander.

Our conveyor systems will exploit the latest in equipment and technology to deliver optimal solutions.




Dos Santos International Videos
shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Dos Santos International:
Company Video

2. Dos Santos International:
DSI Sandwich Belt High Angle Conveyor Operation

3. Dos Santos International:
DSI Snake for Coal in Spain

4. Dos Santos International:
DSI Mobile Snake Shiploader

5. Dos Santos International:
DSI Sandwich Belt Model Handling Steel Balls

6. Dos Santos International:
DSI Sandwich belt high angle conveyor
for Paris Metro Tunneling Project