Canadian customer loading 1,100 tph of  Wood Pellets.

Prior to the installation of  the DSH System  the storage hall was closed to all staff during the loading process and for 2 hours after.

Since DSH unit has been put into operation, staff can access the shed during operation and the environment is safe and hazard free.

DSH was also moved temporarily to customer´s ship loading operation with very similar results.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, DSH dust control systems improve health and safety standards for workers, mitigate the risk of dust explosions and help to save you money with cleaning costs.

By removing air from product, they also increase your storage capacity without reducing load times.

In many cases, DSH Hoppers have increased loading times and efficiency, allowing loading into trucks, rail, ships and other containers from one feeding point.




DSH Systems Videos
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1. DSH Systems:
DSH New Zealand dust suppression hopper


2. DSH Systems:
Bunge Vietnam loading Soybean Meal


3. DSH Systems:
Wood Pellets loading at 1,100 tph