EDEM 2018 focuses on productivity and performance and includes a range of new features and enhancements enabling users to speed-up their workflow all the way from setup to processing and analysis of simulations.

Integration with other CAE tools is also a key theme of this release with the introduction of new coupling solutions with Finite Element Analysis software Abaqus from Dassault SystemesSIMULIA and Multi-body Dynamics tool RecurDyn from FunctionBay.

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Soils Starter Pack for DEM Simulation (EDEM 2018)

The Soils Starter Pack has been introduced as part of EDEM 2018. It includes 8 models of soils including different range of compressibility and stickiness. These models make use of different physics models inbuilt in EDEM to model a range of soils from gravels to soft compressible soils.

This resource is intended for users designing heavy equipment including off-road construction, agricultural & forestry machinery and vehicles which are handling, or in contact, with soft soils. The Soils Starter Pack makes it possible to quickly and easily compare equipment designs with a range of different soils and test their performance for extreme conditions, for instance for a compressible, highly-sticky material such as mud and a free flowing one such as sand.


EDEM Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

  1. EDEM for ANSYS Overview
  2. EDEM BulkSim simulation software for transfer chute design & performance verification
  3. EDEM Simulation of Excavator Bucket
  4. EDEM Simulation of Potato Harvester: Assess Grading, Segregation Performance & Crop Damage
  5. EDEM Simulation of Tablet Coating & Mixing
  6. EDEM Simulation of Mixing Process Optimization (Courtesy of Edinburgh University)
  7. EDEM: Transforming Bulk Materials Engineering
  8. EDEM 2018 Simulation Software Release
  9. EDEM-Abaqus: Mining Hopper Unloading Bulk Material Using DEM-FEA
  10. EDEM: DEM Simulation of Coal Wagon
  11. EDEM-Adams Co-simulation Solution
  12. EDEM & ANSYS: Deformation analysis of a bucket using realistic bulk material loads
  13. EDEM: Discover EDEM for CAE
  14. EDEM: Rock Breakage – DEM Simulation
  15. EDEM: Size segregation in asphalt production & handling
  16. EDEM: Mixing of aggregates (Courtesy of IAB Weimar)
  17. EDEM: Simulation of cohesive material in wet mixing
  18. EDEM: Hopper with flop gate opens in response to flow of particles
  19. EDEM Simulation of Transfer Chute with Rock Box
  20. EDEM: Soft Loading Transfer Chute Simulation (Courtesy of BMEA)



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