Traditionally, engineers using FE analysis to understand the structural integrity of heavy equipment have to estimate or guess the loads that bulk materials will impart on their equipment.

Bulk materials are complex and hand calculations or guesswork are limited in their ability to provide realistic inputs to FE analysis. As a result designs tend to only be tested in a small set of limited corner-cases. By bringing in Discrete Element Modelling data from EDEM software using the EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench, we are able to capture realistic load profiles at all points during a bucket loading cycle. These loads can then be used instead of the limited hand-calculations in the ANSYS FE analysis of the structural integrity of the equipment.

It also allows for a wider set of operational conditions to be investigated. Combining ANSYS Mechanical FE analysis with EDEM data means that engineers can perform a wider range of ‘what if’ analysis when iterating through the design cycle. It means less prototyping is required which reduces overall costs, and allows for optimisation of key performance metrics such as total load, equipment weight, and efficiency.






EDEM Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

  1. EDEM for ANSYS Overview
  2. EDEM BulkSim simulation software for transfer chute design & performance verification
  3. EDEM Simulation of Excavator Bucket
  4. EDEM Simulation of Potato Harvester: Assess Grading, Segregation Performance & Crop Damage
  5. EDEM Simulation of Tablet Coating & Mixing
  6. EDEM Simulation of Mixing Process Optimization (Courtesy of Edinburgh University)
  7. EDEM: Transforming Bulk Materials Engineering
  8. EDEM 2018 Simulation Software Release
  9. EDEM-Abaqus: Mining Hopper Unloading Bulk Material Using DEM-FEA
  10. EDEM: DEM Simulation of Coal Wagon
  11. EDEM-Adams Co-simulation Solution
  12. EDEM & ANSYS: Deformation analysis of a bucket using realistic bulk material loads
  13. EDEM: Discover EDEM for CAE
  14. EDEM: Rock Breakage – DEM Simulation
  15. EDEM: Size segregation in asphalt production & handling
  16. EDEM: Mixing of aggregates (Courtesy of IAB Weimar)
  17. EDEM: Simulation of cohesive material in wet mixing
  18. EDEM: Hopper with flop gate opens in response to flow of particles
  19. EDEM Simulation of Transfer Chute with Rock Box
  20. EDEM: Soft Loading Transfer Chute Simulation (Courtesy of BMEA)



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