Bob Dewhirst, western regional manager with Everlasting Valve Co., explains the operation of the company’s bulk material valve.

Everlasting Valve Company was founded in 1906 by Patterson Allen Engineering, New Jersey, to manufacture and market steam boiler blowdown valves. During the 1960s, the distinctive features of the Everlasting Rotating Disc Valve were incorporated into our process valves, bulk material valves and diverter valves.

Engineered for exceptional performance, longevity and value, our valves have replaced knife gates, pinch valves, slide gates, rotary air lock, double dump, ball and plug valves.

Today, Everlasting Valve continues to set the industry standard as the valve of choice in severe service applications around the world.

With more than 100 years of quality and performance proven in the field, our self-lapping, self-cleaning Rotating Disc Valve sets the industry standard for exceptional durability, performance and value in shut-off and isolation applications, worldwide.

Rotation of the disc produces an action that, in the process medium, renews and polishes the metal seating surfaces with each operation.

This unique concept causes the Everlasting Valve to wear in with use, while all other valves are busy wearing out.

The self-lapping disc rotates as the center of the applied force and the centroid of friction force move toward alignment. High cycling is beneficial. Scratches that develop on the wide sealing surfaces are polished away as the valve is open and closed.

There’s no other valve like it.




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Demonstration of bulk material valve