Every day, industrial production facilities worldwide are running at full speed to produce products for everyday life such as textiles, food, even timber products.

All of these industries face the same problem: during the manufacturing process, the raw materials are pulverized. In these dust-like conditions, all materials from flour to wood, even metal are combustible.

This is an enormous danger for almost any production plant. With spark detection and extinguishing systems from GreCon, the problem is tackled where it is caused.

GreCon installs spark detectors and extinguishing nozzles directly onto the exhaust ducts. Dangerous particles are immediately extinguished. The areas at risk, such as filters and silos, are protected while the production process continues uninterrupted.

To monitor all areas of your plant, there are different sensors for every application, and all GreCon spark sensors detect the danger source within the material flow in milliseconds to trigger an alarm and to initiate suitable measures.

Very important: the extinguishing action does not bring your production to a standstill, and almost no water reaches the material flow. Due to the development of the new ultrahigh-speed extinguishing device, the reaction time is minimised – so it is extinguished before you get burned!

As it is not always reasonable to use water for extinguishment, like in the food industry, GreCon spark extinguishing system can also divert or interrupt the material flow, depending on the application.

The control console from GreCon is the core of the spark detection and extinguishing system. All information is gathered here. GreCon is the first company worldwide that offers spark detection and extinguishing systems with touch-and-slide operation. The system can be centrally controlled from the clear structured display. All automatic extinguishing measures can be adjusted here.

Thanks to the innovative network technology GreCon Net, several control consoles can be arranged decentralized and distributed in your production. This makes it possible for operation right in the heart of the action and so saves the cost of installing cables.

GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems fulfil the highest safety standards and have all necessary international certifications. This preventive fire protection not only pays off in the insurance premium for your production plant, but also reduces fire and explosions, and prevents damage to buildings and machines, and injury to people, ensuring the highest possible performance of your plant.

Cross-industry innovative solutions as well as customer-specific adaptations are typical of GreCon spark detection and extinguishing systems. Thus, the future for dangerous sparks and glowing embers is not so bright!



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