AirMaceTM  air cannon:
Unmatched Power and Reliability

You need effective solutions to your material flow problems. Flow Industries AirMaceTM air cannons provide powerful, reliable and safe protection against build-ups across all of the material storage and production area of your process.

Flow Industries unique high-pressure blasters have been used worldwide for solving the most difficult material flow problems since 1997. The AirMaceTM is the latest breakthrough development, providing a winning combination of unique technology and economy

Flow Industries Ltd. specializes in providing eco-friendly, high-pressure impulse solutions for preventing and overcoming the toughest clogging and buildup problems in water, oil and gas wells, cement, power, chemical and other industries.

Our technologically unique, yet easy-to-use systems are used worldwide to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We maintain the highest standards in the product design, manufacturing, testing and customer service. Our team of highly professional technical and market specialists is ready to assist you in “keeping things flowing” whatever clogging or buildup problem arises.

More Effective And Powerful
Highly efficient AirMaceTM valve technology provides faster piston acceleration and the greatest cleaning force in the industry today

Outstanding performance
The unique spring-free stainless steel AirMaceTM valve design prevents air leakages, piston blockages and minimizes the maintenance cost

Air consumption
AirMaceTM valve technology provides unprecedented air savings with the built-in spring free piston return mechanism that interrupts the blast after approximately 60% of the volume has been discharged. This delivers the maximum pressure peak and the same amount of work with savings of up to 40% of compressed air

Higher pressure
The only air cannon at the market able to work at pressures from 60 to 600 psi with the same air savings

Air-water blast
The only air cannon on the market capable of combining an air blast of high pressure with a portion of water. Water drops transfer energy much better than air molecules, and the AirMaceTM technology takes advantage of this phenomenon for high temperature applications

Simple maintenance
Maintenance couldn’t be easier. The ONLY part to be maintained – the piston – can be easily disassembled and replaced with no need to remove the tank from the vessel.


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Airmace air cannon, the most powerful air cannon


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