FLSmidth Docksider™ Unloaders are the most versatile and advanced pneumatic ship and barge unloaders in the world.

Available for capacities from 400 to 1200 metric t/h, and designed with arms from 18 to 45 meters in length, the Docksider offers unequalled performance, reliability, and durability.





FLSmidth Pneumatic Conveying Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. FLSmidth: Pneumatic Conveying for Minerals Industries – HD 1080

2. FLSmidth Pneumatic Conveying for the Cement Industry

3. FLSmidth Docksider™ Ship Unloaders

4. FLSmidth Pneumatic Transport: FLSmidth Silo Fluidized Floor Reclaim




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