The General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ 2.0 Primary Screen is the heart of the recycling system at Mercer Group International located in Trenton, NJ. Join Jeff Wilbur, General Manager, as he evaluates the successes of the new system.

General Kinematics provides vibratory equipment, rotary equipment, and process systems to leading manufacturing and material processing organizations throughout the world. The GK team works with you to custom design and engineer solutions for your most difficult processing problems.

GK creates low maintenance, energy efficient systems using the latest cutting-edge technology. Our engineers create new products and solutions to solve unique process challenges, providing GK customers with tested equipment derived from over half a century of industry knowledge.

General Kinematics combines innovative technologies with production process insight and creativity to deliver engineered solutions that enhance your production processes. By providing our customers with a competitive advantage, bulk material handling is no longer a source of frustration or wasted time and money.

General Kinematics has the expertise and knowledge to respond to your objectives for efficient, dependable processing equipment in the processing of bulk materials. GK solutions can heat, cool, coat, convey, feed, elevate, agglomerate, grind, and more, all while reducing energy consumption, maintenance, and downtime.

A leader in the industry, General Kinematics can solve any bulk handling or processing problem and give you the support you and your business need.





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