The General Kinematics FINGER-SCREEN™ Vibratory Screen is at the heart of Revolution Recovery‘s C&D Recycling System located in Delaware. Watch this video to see the equipment in action at this facility.

General Kinematics provides vibratory equipment, rotary equipment, and process systems to leading manufacturing and material processing organizations throughout the world.

The GK team works with you to custom design and engineer solutions for your most difficult processing problems.

Waste to Energy facilities produce clean, renewable energy through the combustion of MSW in specially designed power plants.

The residual bottom ash contains unburnt inorganics and valuable metals that can be separated and reclaimed from the material stream.

General Kinematics’ durable, rugged equipment is not only able to screen, convey and transport the hot, corrosive material – GK equipment reduces the amount of downtime to maximize your uptime.

Depending on your application, General Kinematics engineers and manufactures both Two-Mass or Brute Force designs.





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