The Gilson LC-82F Motorized Disk Mill provides effective performance in limited dry or wet grinding samples for test preparation. And the Gilson Motorized Disk Mill meets ASTM C409 requirements for preparation of specimens.

This rugged mill’s 4in grinding plates are made of a hard iron alloy designed for clog resistance and a long service life (Acicular Iron Grinding Plate available as an up-charge).

The oil-filled gear box features a replaceable (LCA-179) Safety Coupling to prevent overload damage.

Plate to plate clearance is easily adjusted by hand, and in one pass (With fine plates installed), this rugged unit can ground material to 80 to 100 particle size (180—150 μm) (Depending on material type). And the Feed hopper has a full 50in³ (0.8 L) volume capacity.

Utilizing its 1/3hp gear motor, the revolutions per minute tops out at 89 RPMs, and the maximum throughput capacity is 40 lbs per hour.

Gilson offers several models to choose from. The Gilson LC-82 has a Single (1)-Phase 115 volt motor, whereas the LC-82F has a Single (1)-Phase 220 volt motor (LC-82F shown). And the Gilson LCA-176 Dry Grinding Feeder and Disk Set with a precision grinding disk to mill materials to extra fine, is including.

And all components can be easily reached for cleaning and maintance, making the Gilson Motorized Disk Mill the right choice for your material crushing needs.

With Gilson’s complete family of grinding and milling equipment, offering a wide range of performance, features and capacities, Gilson has the right equipment to fit your needs for fast, accurate, and reliable milling needs.

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