We understand how important your package is to you. Having a clean bag radiates your image to your market, customers, competitors and even your own employees. In response to your demand we want to create a new standard when it comes to traditional valve bag filling technology as well as integrate a completely clean system for those you want to go that extra mile.

For exceptional bag appearance, you can configure your HAVER valve bag packer to be equipped with SEAL technology. The SEAL eliminates spillage by inflating a rubber sleeve on a specially designed filling spout during the filling process. After filling, the bag is carefully pulled off the spout and welded shut using an ultrasound sealing device. The result is an absolutely compact and clean bag, which will make your product stand out in any form of presentation.

Additionally, the SEAL system avoids spillage during transport and prevents any kind of contamination or product extraction. This allows you to increase your weight accuracy without the need to overfill the bag. The resulting additional product profit to your operation far outweighs the extra expense to installing the SEAL system.



HAVER & BOECKER Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

ROTOSEAL in Operation

INTEGRA® FFS Edition 2017

NIAflow Plant Optimization









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