The big bag connection system LAS-EC by the technological leader HECHT Technologie GmbH provides the solution by offering defined and safe handling with a logical operating sequence of only a few steps up to a containment level of OEB 4. Tailor-made to meet your discharging requirements, it enables easy, ergonomic and especially safe discharging of powder.

The innovative LAS-EC features high operational safety, easy discharging without consumables such as O-ring gaskets and is simple to operate due to its pneumatic control with only three buttons for connecting, sealing and disconnecting.

In addition to the GMP-compliant design and an FDA approval, the unit also conforms to the ATEX guideline.

Optionally, bulk materials are conveyed using the force of gravity with a down pipe or using the ProClean Conveyor PCC.

An installation into an existing system is also possible. For connection, the big bag is positioned above the LAS-EC. The inner liner is fixed to the filling head by means of a pneumatic device with its built-in pneumatic seal. The liner is perfectly positioned by inserting the guide rope into the slide of the plate holder. After pushing the plate once, the rope can be removed. By locking in place, the liner is then fixed into the clamp and mechanically sealed. The pneumatic and mechanical safety device prevents the liner from being pulled out, thus avoiding unintended interruption of the containment. Being connected, contained and dust-free discharging is possible by opening the bag outlet without facing the risk of product emission.

Being closed using the “Containment-closing-system”, the empty big bag can safely be removed and a new one can be connected in a fast and safe way without damaging the containment.

The access port allows hazard-free removal of the old liner. The unit is ready now for the next discharge.

Thanks to the easy and safe handling, the LAS-EC offers much faster connecting and discharging of the packaging than existing systems on the market, increasing efficiency and conveying capacity.

By integrating an optional WIP/CIP device, the unit can be cleaned without being opened.

Therefore, various bulk solids can be discharged without risking cross-contamination.



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