In this video, Hycontrol‘s UK Sales Manager David Wadsworth outlines the essentials of silo protection, in less than three minutes. He also lays out the three simple rules that you need to follow to make sure your cement silo is safe.

Level Measurement
Hycontrol has over 30 years experience in applying level measurement solutions over a diverse range of industries. We understand the consequences of inaccurate and unreliable level systems. Therefore each Hycontrol installation is tailored precisely to your application, to provide the best engineered solution… without compromise.


Silo Protection
Hycontrol’s new SHIELD Silo Protection System is the most advanced SPS on the market today and is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience and expertise. With a compact, all-in-one design that can be retrofitted to almost any silo and utilising state-of-the-art pressure monitoring/control equipment that features Hycontrol’s pioneering Ground Level Test facility, the SHIELD SPS represents a technological pinnacle from the experts in silo protection. The best silo protection system just got better.


Alarm & Display Panels
‘s ability to solve level measurement problems extends way beyond the actual level gauge or probe itself. To reduce or eliminate simple errors such as product shortage, overspills and production loss, requires not only a reliable level gauge but a clear visual indication of what is actually happening in the tank or vessel.

Many errors can be avoided if a simple installation is carried out to increase the visual display of contents or alarm conditions and raise awareness of impending problems.




Hycontrol Videos
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Silo Protection in Three Minutes