Simple vertical conveying of grain

The bucket elevator has proven to be a reliable, economical and flexible solution for vertical conveying of grain and other granulates. A bucket elevator can be used in practically every storage and conveying system. The supply of product into the elevator is possible in many ways. From a simple intake hopper to a complete intake pit with augers of chain conveyors. The advantage of a bucket elevator against an inclined belt conveyor or hopper, is that an elevator only needs a fraction of the space.

Grain elevators from Jansen&Heuning are available in a range from 25 to 125 tons/hour.


  • head with hollow shaft gear motor
  • boot with tension section
  • oil and grease resistant belt
  • buckets made of steel
  • shafts can be supplied in lengths of 0.25 / 0.50 / 1.0 and 2.0 m

Thickness of sheets

  • head 4 mm
  • foot 4 mm
  • casing 2 mm


There are several options for the bucket elevator, like a capacity adjustment, return blocker, service platform and several types of inlets. Ask Jansen&Heuning for the possibilities.





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