Jansen&Heuning takes care of 70.000 satisfied cows in Saudi Arabia

Jansen&Heuning supplies a fully automated feed installation for a dairy farm in Saudi Arabia. Two newly developed paddle mixers, each with a drive of 110 kW, are the heart of this installation.

For the 70.000 cows on the farm, each mixer mixes  45 tons per hour, and has a net capacity of 10.000 dm³ (10.000 litre.). Thirteen different nutrients and minerals are carefully weighed before they enter the mixer. And because cows also have a good taste, a bit of palm oil is added. We hope they enjoy it in the desert!

The design and installation of storage and processing units at farms, cooperations and traders is daily routine for Jansen&Heuning.

Many completed projects have earned us a wealth of experience from which you can benefit. If you are looking for grain storage, aeration, drying, cleaning and treating installations, then you have come to the right address.




Jansen&Heuning Videos
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1. Jansen&Heuning:
Bulk Handling on the Move

2. Jansen&Heuning:
Bucket Elevator

3. Jansen&Heuning:
Discharge of Walking Floor Bulk Carriers

4. Jansen&Heuning:
Silo Filling

5. Jansen&Heuning:
Paddle mixer 10.000 dm³ – production of 2 machines