Jansen&Heuning offers a great choice of products in grain storage. Also outdoor silo’s can be found in the assortment. Advantages of round silos are the possibilities to fill and empty automatically, the closed storage (no birds can enter, no dust), dry floors and the efficient use of space. The silos can be supplied in a range from 10 up to 1.500 tons.

The silo in the video has a capacity of 590 tons. Filling of these silo goes fast with 60 tons per hour. The convenience lies in the operations required to fill the silo. The movable bin is easily driven under the tipper, which makes it very user-friendly. The tippers are also quickly gone. The video shows the ease of filling the silo.








Jansen&Heuning Videos
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Silo Filling

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Paddle mixer 10.000 dm³ – production of 2 machines