The flow characteristics of bulk materials differ substantially, depending on their composition. This can be observed when bulk materials come into storage and especially when they are discharged. If a bulk material is compacted, for example when being discharged from a silo, this can delay the entire production process. Discharge aids are therefore vital, because they enable bulk materials to flow off continuously and consistently.

Discharging of stored bulk materials is critical and can be challenging as they have many different flow characteristics. It is vital to reliably discharge ingredients from silos or bins to ensure uninterrupted process flow.

Kubota Brabender can provide you with a comprehensive range of discharging solutions specifically developed to discharge a wide range of ingredients. Our discharging equipment is ideal for ensuring reliable and consistent output from sacks, bulk bags, silos and bins even with poor flowing ingredients.




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Comparing Continuous vs Batching Processes


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Feeding powders explained



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