Highest quality, safety, reliability and customer orientation at affordable prices, that is what characterizes modern food production.

The particularly strict hygiene standards in the food industry must be met and documented with absolute reliability. When using dosing technology from Brabender Technologie, users can rely on this at all times. Feeding equipment for the food industry is always manufactured in Hygienic Design(HD).
Our Hygienic Design (HD) enables quick and easy cleanability. This means that all components are easily accessible – for example, with quick-release fasteners on the screw and screw tube. There are also no open threads in the product area and a surface design with smooth stainless steel surfaces to prevent particles from being deposited.

During processing, strict attention was paid to using only FDA and 1935/2004 compliant materials.

The systems, specially developed for use in the food industry, ensure highly accurate dosing with absolute recipe fidelity – the perfect basis for permanent quality control.




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