Recognized as one of the world’s top industrial robotics solution providers, LaborSave guarantees sack emptying efficiency of more than 99.99%, unmatched processing capacity of up to 1300 sacks/hour, immediate reduction in labor costs and contamination risks, unparalleled safety backed by the world’s major standard institutes, and a lifetime warranty.

LaborSave’s benefits coupled with its ability to adapt to the special needs of various industries, have earned it worldwide prominence in the plastic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and foodstuff industries, and today, nearly 1,100 LaborSave systems are installed worldwide.

The LaborSave system is available in several throughput-based models, offering 400 to 1300 sacks/hour processing capacities, regardless of sack type, weight and arrangement on pallet.

Multiple pallet and multiple discharge station solutions are also available for optimal use of manpower and production floor space, as well as peripheral equipment such as integrated empty bag compression, full pallet feeding conveyor, empty pallet removal conveyor and stacker, automatic cleaning system and aspiration unit.




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1. LaborSave:
The patented, fully automatic sack
opening and emptying system


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