The application LaseBTL – Bulk Train Loading-station is a solution applied for the fully automated emptiness and filling level control as well as positioning for train wagons under loading stations.

In order to measure transported goods on wagons exactly, 2D laser scanners from the LASE 2000D-11x Series will be used in combination with the LaseBTL-Software application.

Besides the track two laser scanners each measure the position of the wagons. One further laser scanner is placed above the track in order to measure the filling degree before the loading process (emptiness control). For the possibility of wagon position determination, two further laser scanners measure from behind of the loading station – even when the train is already inside the loading station. Optionally an additional laser scanner can measure and verify the loading degree of each wagon. The rugged design of this system also allows reliable measurements and strong performances even in harsh environments.

Altogether these three tasks can be operated by the application:
• Emptiness control
• Wagon position determination
• Filling level control







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