Lödige Process Technology presents a mixing unit for friction material consisting of a dosing and weighing unit, transport line, mixer and discharging components.

For decades, Lödige has been providing the friction material industry all over the world with mixing technology.

As mixtures for friction material have to meet the high safety standards of brake systems in various vehicle types. The demands on the mixing quality – and therefore also on the structure and design of the mixing lines – are high.

The heart of the complete production line is the Lödige Ploughshare® Mixer. The mixing unit is specially designed for this task.

Brake or friction material mixtures consist of a variety of powdered and fibrous components. The mixer opens the fibre component and ensures that the mixture of different substances is homogeneous.

The entire mixing unit is equipped with the necessary safety mechanisms. If required, the mixing system can be equipped with explosion protection measures.

Lödige is a global leading supplier of mixers, coating systems, granulators, dryers and reactors.





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Mixing Line for Dry Mixes for Brake Lining/Friction Material
in the Lödige Ploughshare® Mixer



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