For more than 100 years, Loesche has been designing the world’s most efficient and innovative grinding plants.

In the last two decades, Loesche has specialized in the recycling of industrial waste, predominantly in the beneficiation of blast furnace slag.

In April 2013 Loesche was awarded its first contract to build a grinding plant for blast furnace slag in Germany.

The cement manufacturer Spenner Zement commissioned Loesche to build a turn-key plant in Duisburg, Germany.




Loesche  Videos
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1. Loesche:
Worldwide – with a Production Facility in Shanghai, China

2. Loesche:
Compact Cement Grinding Plant (CCG Plant)

3. Loesche:
Grinding Plant for Blast Furnace Slag – Spenner Zement

4. Loesche:
Grinding Plant for Solid Fuels

5. Loesche:
Our History