The Martin® CleanScrape Cleaner was the right solution for the problem at Freeport Indonesia 

Freeport Indonesia was experiencing carry back on the conveyor GRS71. The conveyor GRS71 coming out from underground feeding SAG stock pile, travelling at 3.8 m/s carrying 10,000 tons/hour is one of the most difficult conveyor system in the mine. Spillage and carryback has always been an issue at the conveyor.

Our technicians from P.T. Suprabakti Mandiri, distributor of Martin Engineering equipment in Indonesia, examined the issue and installed a Martin® CleanScrape Cleaner and Martin® O2 Secondary Cleaner. Technicians needed to drill just four small holes required for mounting. Installed diagonally across the discharge pulley, forming a three-dimensional curve beneath the discharge area that conforms to the pulley’s shape.

The unique design incorporates a matrix of tungsten carbide blades and is tensioned lightly against the belt to prevent damage to the belt or splices. Despite extremely low contact pressure between belt and blades, it has been shown to remove as much as 95% of potential carryback material. CleanScrape Cleaners are available in three sizes: S, M, and L, which cover drum diameters from 270 mm to 1250 mm and belt widths from 300 mm to 2800 mm. Each size is available in four different carbide metal grades to suit characteristic of materials, one of which is a carbide developed for use on mechanically spliced belts.

Additional features of this belt cleaner are extremely low surface pressure, low belt abrasion, and almost no maintenance requirements. The Cleanscrape belt cleaner protects the belt with its low, specific application of force and is suited for both slow and fast conveyor belts with mechanical connections. Since the entire installation requires so little space, it is perfect solution for areas with restricted space. The fastening device can, for example, be installed both inside and outside of the transfer chute in the required position. The installation of the belt cleaner is very simple and takes no longer than two hours, even with inexperienced personnel.

In addition to the pre-assembled belt cleaners that are ready for installation, the scraper units are also available as coils with a total length of 12.4 meters a piece. The belt cleaner length can be easily adapted to meet your needs.

All of the CleanScrape Cleaner designs are certified by ATEX and can also be used in underground mining.





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