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Owning a gravimetric weigh belt feeder from MERRICK means your facility will reap the benefits of our commitment to material handling accuracy and repeatability. We understand that our clients rely on their weigh belt feeders to deliver continuous results at a desired flow rate, which is why we are so proud of our GRAVIMERIK® weigh belt feeder solutions. Not only has MERRICK been in the weigh feeding industry since 1908, but our company is the inventor of conveyor belt scales and weigh feeding, so you can be assured that your MERRICK feeders are built to last and perform for many years to come.

Weigh feeders from MERRICK are available in a variety of sizes and belt widths. Our Model 450 Heavy Duty Weigh Feeder is designed for harsh materials and plant environments with belt widths up to 96” and lengths over 60 feet, while our Model 970 Weigh Belt Feeder is constructed from stainless steel for belt widths from 6” to 36.” In addition, our Model 450A apron feeder utilizes a metal pan belt and chain with integrated weigh bridge to deliver accurate rate with the most severe materials.






MERRICK  Industries Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

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2. MERRICK Industries: Model 970I Industrial Weigh Belt Feeder Demonstration

3. MERRICK Industries: Model 570-E3 Loss-in-Weight Feeder Test



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