Palamatic Process Asia has finished the installation of a big bag filling station for Phu My fertilizer, one of Vietnamese leading companies specializing in producing fertilizers.

The FlowMatic® 04 model aims to fill 1 ton jumbo bags with urea, for a rate of 20 big bags/h.

The equipment provided by Palamatic Process is:

– Screw conveyor of 7 m diameter 400 mm

– Automatic pallet unstacker with light curtain (safety for the operator)

– Rotating head allowing the ergonomic and safety positioning of the empty big bag

– Inflating seal (to maintain a dust-free working environment)

– Tilting barrier for ergonomic closure of the cuff

– Roller conveyor for a buffer storage of big bags (4 big bags).

– Automatic label printing (date and weight recorded)




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