PerMix has supplied our PFB 3000 model for the production of dry mixes of cement based building materials and dry mortar mixes.

The PerMix PFB series Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer is a fast mixer with high efficiency, capable to work with abrassive materials, which is also known as Fluidizing Mixer, Fluidized Zone Mixer, Non-gravity Mixer or Zero-gravity Mixer.

The Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer is capable of preparing a homogeneous mixture despite of particle size, shape and density, and is able to achieve very fast, high capacity, thorough, precision mixing of either dry bulk solids or solid with liquid.

This particular PFB 3000 is made of heavy duty Carbon Steel, has separate drive unit for each shaft with special hydraulic coupling for easy start and work, bomb bay discharge doors that are equipped with special locking device to avoid opening when pressure failure happens, special replaceable tips, coated with hardened Tungsten Carbide.

The mixer can reach to the final homogeneous material within 40-60 sec. and discharge within 30 sec. to reach a total cycle time of 3 min. So total capacity of the mixer is ~ 40 Tons/Hr.

PerMix is your professional and reliable supplier of industrial mixers and process equipment for any industry!

PerMix is a Chinese-Israeli cooperative venture with the famous Srugo family in Israel, who has been active and reputed in mixing technology since 1954. Therefore, our strong advantages over other competitors are 60 years of “Designed-in-Israel” know-how along with competitive “Made-in-China” prices!  We are able to offer not only single machines, but also “all-in-one” systems including tanks, fittings, pipelines, frame structure, electrical control and any other necessary peripheral equipment.

PerMix Tec Co. Ltd was founded in 2011, with the trademark of PerMix, targeted to be a professional designer and supplier of a broad range of Powder Blenders, Kneading Machines, Liquid Agitators, Dispersing and Emulsifying Equipment and all kinds of customized Processing Equipment for almost every industry, including but not limited to food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biology.

PerMix started the partnership with Mr. Arie Srugo since 2013, who is an expert from Israel for the industrial mixing technologies. Mr. Arie Srugo was the owner of Srugo Machines Engineering Ltd which was established by his father in 1954 and earned its high reputation worldwide in the section of industrial mixing and processing for more than half a century.

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