There is only one correct answer to the growing requirements in the conveying of powders and granules:
The innovative ProClean Conveyor (PCC) from HECHT.

A pneumatic conveying system that has been newly developed on the basis of long-time experience and highest competence.

The operator is offered decisive advantages.

The HECHT ProClean Conveyor assures the desired outcome through its increased efficiency, flexibility, safety and quality.

The benefits can be seen, in particular, in such demanding industries as the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.



HECHT Technologie GmbH


HECHT Technologie Videos
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1. HECHT Technologie:
Company Video 2017

2. HECHT Technologie:
Containment drum discharging CFE-K

3. HECHT Technologie:
SoliValve split-cone system

4. HECHT ProClean Conveyor PCC 200
The vacuum conveying system

5. HECHT Technologie:
Liner Connection System LAS-EC “Easy”

6. HECHT Technologie:
Isolator Big Bag Discharging





HECHT Technologie Videos
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1. HECHT Technologie:
Pfizer Freiburg – das Zukunftswerk –
In Kooperation mit HECHT Technologie