Locking Devices

Keyless shaft-hub locking devices have been the cornerstone of the RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION group.

For over 90 years, our product offering of internal clamping and external clamping locking devices and global support has been unparalleled in the industry.

• Direct selection for Locking Assemblies
• Direct selection for Locking Assemblies – stainless steel
• Direct selection for Locking Assemblies under bending moment load

Contains: Locking Assemblies, Locking Assemblies stainless steel, Locking Assemblies for bending loads, Locking Assemblies with central lock nut, Locking Elements, Locking Elements stainless steel, Shrink Discs, Shrink Discs stainless steel, Shaft Couplings, Flange Couplings




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Locking assemblies and shrink discs