The ROSTA self-adjusting motor base

Using a ROSTA self-adjusting motor base eliminates improperly tensioned belts, and therefore reduces costs associated with production downtime, lost energy and maintenance-related labour. Maintaining proper belt tension is known as a big hassle.

High starting torques create elevated stress levels on belts, sheaves, and motor shaft bearings. Heavy shock loads and vibration cause the motor to bounce which can cause belts to stretch or even jump off the sheave.

The ROSTA self-adjusting motor base is equipped with an elastomeric element.

The elastomeric element dampens vibrations, motor bounce is virtually eliminated.

The ROSTA self-adjusting motor base automatically adjusts belts to their proper tension, which increases the life of the belt and eliminates costly and time-consuming maintenance.

The ROSTA self-adjusting motor base is well adapted for harsh environment. The elements are unaffected by water and dirt and can withstand temperatures from -40° F to 180° F.

The ROSTA motor bases with these elements are available from 1 to 750 hp.




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Self -Tensioning Motor Base