Rulmeca Corporation Video #1
Introduction to Motorized Pulleys

Having supplied Motorized Pulleys throughout the world since 1952 from the Germany production center, Rulmeca Corporation explains why internally-powered hermetically-sealed belt conveyor drives offer the lowest total cost of ownership to belt conveyor operators in mines, quarries, plants, and food processing.

Known as “Problem Solvers,” Rulmeca Corporation engineers have partnered with bulk handling plant operators and engineers to improve belt conveyors in a variety of ways.

The light weight and compact size has enabled mobile aggregate plant manufacturers to overcome highway weight and clearance restrictions. The hermetic seal has enabled operators to increase conveyor reliability in spite of the corrosive and abrasive environments at salt mines, iron mines, and rock quarries.

The automatic oil circulation system has enabled conveyor maintenance managers to increase up-time with reduced maintenance staff. Since all moving parts are enclosed within the pulley shell, there are no external rotating parts to endanger plant personnel and no external bearings to maintain.

The direct drive feature and efficient helical gearbox have reduced electrical power consumption. Since it’s easy to install multiple Motorized Pulleys on a conveyor, these drives have extended belt life, eliminated belt bounce and belt slippage, improved belt tracking, and added power to
problematic conveyors

The video features John Mason, a satisfied customer, who states, “We selected Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys for our conveyors because the drives are small and easy to use. Also, the improved safetyand elimination of exposed items such as motors, gearboxes, and guarding were importantconsiderations to us. We have been satisfied not only with the performance of the Motorized Pulleys but also with Rulmeca’s excellent aftermarket service.”



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