RULMECA’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director Carsten Spanggaard gives an Interview about the company structure and the benefits of the RULMECA Group.

RULMECA is a family owned, worldwide Group of Companies, with headquarters in Italy and specialising in the development, production and sales of belt conveyor rollers/idlers, motorized pulleys, fabricated pulleys and other components for the worldwide bulk handling industry.

RULMECA have been working since 1962 with conveyor components for the Bulk handling industries and today as a global market leader in rollers and motorized pulleys Rulmeca are working internationally with leading OEM’s, Engineering Companies and End Users Groups in the major applications within the handling of bulk materials such as:

Coal and lignite mining, cement, quarries, tunnelling, power plants installation, ports, salt and fertilisers, sugar plants, recycling and demolition, crushing and screening etc…

By an ongoing focus on market demands and customer requirements the RULMECA Group offer:
– A close partnership and consultancy to our customers for the correct selection of our products
– A range of products designed to last
– Our own Rulmeca company or distribution in all major countries with a strong tradition in bulk handling activities
– A market leading product range within rollers and motorized pulleys distributed globally
– A group-wide implemented quality system helps to ensure RULMECA is meeting and exceeding customer expectation
– A continuously expanding and evolving product range
– Constant improvement in technical, design, and service
– A global market reach thanks to 9 manufacturing companies, 11 sales companies.



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