SiloWeigh II Pro, a unique product manufactured by Scale-Tron, shows the amounts of materials in silos and vessels – by weight, not by level, with local touch-screen display of up to 6 vessels. This video shows SiloWeigh’s components, how it is installed and its features and benefits to the user.

For one to six vessels and local display, SiloWeigh II Pro is your ideal choice for silo inventory. You get a touch-screen display showing up to 6 vessels as bar-graphs or a zoomable trend-graph. This shows you the previous 14 days of data. It is packed with extra features such as delivery measurement, hard-wired alarm outputs and our advanced weather filter. No other manufacturer offers this filter, which keeps your readings steady throughout hot sun and snowstorms while responding instantly to fills and discharges. Without it, you can get jumps of 20% to 50% and more, lasting several hours.

You will find SiloWeigh II Pro silo level measurement system extremely simple to use, with multi-lingual English, French and Spanish menus. Other languages are available on request. You can also use analog liquid pressure and temperature sensors to extend the usage: liquid tanks, level where the vessel has no legs, temperature for recording curing cycles and moisture when used with the Aqua-range of sensors. And it handles divided silos or silos on a shared frame. No other manufacturer can do this.



shown on Powder Bulk Videos:


SiloWeigh II Pro eliminates under/overfill,
detects delivery shortages