Pneumatic Transport

The transport principle is to move the material in an enclosed system with the kinetic energy of an air flow.

Pneumatic transport divides into two categories, continuous transport and batch transport.

With Scanmatics bulk conveyer you batch transport all types of powder and granulate, 0 – 25 mm/particle, both in and out of the process.

The transport is divided in two main groups, mid pressure and high pressure transports. The pressure in the system bears a direct relation to the coefficient of fullness in the transport pipe. A mid pressure system (1,0 – 3,5 bar) is called “dense phase” and the high pressure system(3,5 – 7,0) is called ”plug”- transport.

The transport capacity can be up to 150m³/h, and depends on the following:

  • Bulk volume weight, kg/dl
  • Fraction area, μ
  • Ability to fluidize
  • Hydroscopic abilities
  • Diameter of the transport pipe
  • The length of the transport pipe
  • Evacuation of transport air

The combination of material properties and transport condition like length, design etc. is in every individual case specific. Therefore individual adjusting is needed of:

  • Fluidization (air flow into the conveyer)
  • Ejector (air flow through the transport pipe)
  • Pressure guard (pressure in the conveyer)
  • Plug guard (pressure in the transport pipe)






Scanmatic Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos:

1. Scanmatic Pneumatic Conveying System: Presentation 2014


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