This video shows how a dense phase pneumatic conveying system optimally operates; available from Schenck Process, as the ProPhase range.

What Dense Phase Conveying is:
Dense phase pneumatic conveying is a material handling process used across a variety of light and heavy industries. It allows for the transport of materials through enclosed pipelines, from one silo to the next.

It carefully moves the material through the use of high pressure and low gas volumes, allowing the material to be pushed long the bottom of the pipe, in a slug-like manner. This form of pneumatic dense phase conveying, in comparison to lean phase, ensures there is no degrading/damage of material and as such, provides lower wear on the conveying system.

How ProPhase Dense Phase Conveyors work:
The ProPhase system proudly leads the technology for dense phase conveying.

Depending on the material, it offers the ability to provide variable handling techniques, all from one unit – rather than sourcing units with multiple handling pumps.

It also intelligently includes an advanced IoT controller, for remote, simple operation, performance data monitoring, as well as to avoid site tampering.

The ProPhase has also been designed to have minimal moving parts, low wear, very low maintenance, low attrition of material and high availability, for a quick supply chain.

– Modular design, offers flexible, variable handling techniques, all from one unit
– Intelligent, on-board control for simple operation and performance monitoring
– Engineered for your project by experts – with over 40 years of experience

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