We Simplify Difficult Pet Food Manufacturing Processes

Producing the highest quality product is at the top of your mind. Your system must minimize product degradation, eliminate inefficiencies, and ensure product safety. Because your process is unique, customized system upgrades are preferable to a one-size-fits-all solution. One thing is for sure, the upgrade must deliver significant cost and energy savings. This could be a tough project. Or maybe not….

Schenck Process provides pneumatic conveying, weighing, feeding, dust collection and process control solutions for the world’s most recognizable pet food brands. Protecting your brand? We’ll help you do it. Difficult projects? We’ve conquered them.

Our team of in-house engineers understands the specialized needs of the pet food industry. We’ll help you select the right technology solution and manage your project to a successful conclusion.






Schenck Process Videos shown on Powder Bulk Videos

1. Schenck Process:
chnologies for the Cement manufacturing industry

2. Schenck Process:
E-finity® Gentle Handling of Bulk Materials

3. Schenck Process:
TLO – Train Loading System

4. Schenck Process:
CONiQ® Condition-Monitoring-Systems

5. Schenck Process:
Integrated bulk materials handling for pet food producers

6. Schenck Process:
Carousel Filling Machine




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